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Lake Phone Cord - Black

Lake Phone Cord - Black

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Your Phone's New Best Friend!

Discover ultimate freedom with the Lake Phone Cord!

Do you want to have your hands free and your phone within reach? Then the Lake Phone Cord is the solution for you! This stylish and practical accessory is guaranteed to become your new best friend.

Adjust the length of the Lake Phone Cord

Did you know that you can determine the length of the Lake Phone Cord yourself? The cord has a standard length of 78,75 inches, but is custom knotted at 45,67 inches. Would you like it a little longer or shorter? No problem! You can easily adjust the length yourself so that it fits just right for you.

Easy to attach

Thanks to the two stylish closures, attaching the Lake Phone Cord to your phone case is a piece of cake. Click the closures and you are 'Ready to go!

Wear it the way you like!

-Long Phone Cord
- Length 78,75 inches, custom knotted at 45,67, self-adjustable
- Lamsnappa from Italy, refined, supple and thin leather
- Handmade in the Netherlands
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