Over Slingher

Susan Hoffman, Owner | Creator Slingher

Wear It The Way You Like!

Slingher is a new jewelry that you wear with love. Slingher was designed from a need for real nice haircuts. Slingher's not just a hair clip, but also a pendant, necklace, bracelet, and/or ankle bracelet. Wear it the way you want it.

I'd like it to be worn with love. That you're happy with the jewelry. That you're proud of OPJEZELF no matter how you wear it. You give this to someone present or you give it to yourself. Every intent to give it your own spin. That's how you get better inner. 

With a simple movement you can use your jewelry as a hair clip. You can easily grab and secure your hair with the Slingher. You always carry it with you and you decide what the function of this piece of jewelry is. Do you want to wear your hair in a bun or ponytail? Then slingher this piece of jewelry around your hair. It gives the perfect look. When you want to let your divine hair blow in the wind again, simply sling it around your wrist, neck or ankle. It also looks fantastic. 

This new clip contributes to the connection you love and you literally connect her and it's a piece of jewelry. Which makes you feel better. And that's exactly my passion; Make people more beautiful and make themselves feel better.

Love, Susan