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Slingher-M-Laquer Red
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Slingher - Lacquer Red - M

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Slingher is multifunctional and stylish | Handmade in Holland

All Slingher products are made of high quality leather and are handmade in the Netherlands. Slingher, arise from a need for connection, offers endless styling possibilities.

Slingher is strong because of its simplicity. A hair accessory and a piece of jewelry in one. Discover the possibilities yourself. Wear it the way you like!

With a simple movement you slingher your Slingher around the wrist. Do you want your hair in a ponytail? Then you slingher your Slingher as a hair clip around your hair. This unique multifunctional fashion accessory gives you a great look! This is how you carry your Slingher accessory always with you. 

Wear it the way you like!

- Medium
- Hair clip, bracelet or necklace pendant
- Flexible accessory of red lacquered leather
- 22cm lang
- Multifunctional application