Our Story

Hair & Make-up artist, Susan Hoffman & daughter Jill Ligtenberg, with her passion for images and Social media combine their creativity & inspiration: Slingher

Slingher, May '21
Slingher was designed from a need for a multi functional piece of jewelry and is strong through simplicity.

Slingher is a piece of jewelry, hair clip and hair accessory all in one. This stylish accessory can be worn either in the hair, around the wrist or around the ankle. Discover the endless styling possibilities.

In addition to our SLINGHER S,M & L we also have earrings, bracelets, belts and necklaces.

Our products are handmade in the Netherlands, with Italian lamb Nappa leather.

Wear it the way you like

Our other collection, The timeless design of the River Belt and Bracelet will complete your outfit. Whether you're wearing cool jeans or an elegant dress, these accessories add an instant touch of style. The minimalist design ensures they match any look, from chic to casual and everything in between.

Love, Susan & Jill